So you’re using a cool IM client and you don’t like the stock icon it puts in there for you? I’ve added all the avatars I’ve been accumulating over the years into my gallery. That particular album is located here for your perusal.

I have no idea at all where these images are from. It is entirely possible that their use is copyrighted and that I’m violating someone’s creative property by having them up here. If you happen to find one you made that you would rather I did not have up there, please feel free to let me know and I’ll pull it down or credit it to you or whatever you like. Otherwise, I’m going to assume the Creative Commons License applies.

Hope you enjoy! Oh, yeah… and these are most of the images that appear up in the ‘Random Image’ thinger up there, just by sheer volume of how many there are. You’ll occasionally get a tattoo image or one of my desktop backgrounds.