The fishtank is now clean, a few stubborn spots excepted. I’m watching it fill with water now, and there’s about an inch of substrate so far. I’m going to consider this the ‘base’ substrate, because in some areas of the tank, I plan to have 5-6 inches of substrate.

I’m going to try for a semi-tiered/elevated back look to it. I’m not yet sure how my wood is going to fit into that arrangement, but I’ll figure something out.

I’m also going to do my best to completely hide the ‘hardware’ of the tank. That may take some doing. 2 bubblers, 1 big ol’ heater, and the filter out/intakes … that may take a bit. Finally, I’m going to use a black backing on the tank this time. Not sure what I think about that yet, but we’ll see how it looks once its on there.