The main character of the dream is a merman. You know, the fullon fish man, Darryl Hannah style, legs turn into scales and fins, grow gills type thing. In the start of the dream, he’s being held in some sort of government study facility in an all underwater tank style thing. His every move is monitored, he’s hooked up to sensors constantly, etc. He is given one ‘porthole’ style opening that actually has open-air access to the outside world. Invariably (and presumably, with someone else’s help, he escapes).

Unfortunately, he also has a personality disorder, in that when he’s being held captive, he eventually reverts to his ‘base’ personality, which is probably his ‘real’ personality. He is convinced that there is another ‘freak’ like him somewhere in the world that he needs to find, that can help him, and nurture him or be a parent to him, or otherwise take care of him without having to be held captive. When he escapes, he invariably, after some short or long time, ends up heading back to the west coast of the US to search for this being.

The ‘person’ he’s looking for is actually an illithid (mind flayer, ala D&D style, no idea why). It also happens to be the head ringleader of a large criminal organization (as mind flayer’s are wont to do). He’s aware of the merman, and is invariably the one who always attempts to break him out of his captivity, and assists him in returning to their base in California. It is also aware of his personality problem.

The other manifestation of the merman’s personality, that eventually comes out as he is travelling to meet back up with this other freak, is that of a superhero, or at least secret agent. He convinces himself that he is working for the very government the he just escaped from, and even begins reporting back in to let them know what his progress is in finding his ‘arch-nemesis’ (the mind flayer).

Invariably, after each escape attempt, the mind flayer is able to assist him enough along the way (usually assisted by some other criminals he assigns to help him) to get them to meet, by which time the merman is usually fully reverted to the secret agent personality. The mind flayer attempts to get him to ‘convert’ or manifest the base personality, fails, and either lets him escape, or he escapes on his own. At that point, stranded out on the ocean (at least, in the dream thats where he was ‘stranded’, the merman radios back to his ‘base’ for ‘pickup’ from his mission, and is eventually found again and brought back (into captivity) to the very people he had escaped from previously.

The final ‘scene’ is where he’s walking back to the (or ‘a”) study area, explaining how he barely got away from this evil villain (which, in reality, the mind flayer really is) and how he barely escaped with his life, etc. They take on the role of wanting to debrief him, and direct him to a short hallway with a door at the end, darkened. They indicate he should get some sleep before the debriefing in the morning, and he readily agrees, heading down the short hallway to the door. As the door closes behind him, he can feel the splash of water under his feet, and reaches the door, which has his name on it (General Maximus or Marcus or something similar). As he opens the door, the room fills with the water from the other side, and he is once again back in captivity.

Cycle repeats.