In addition to the disclaimer page, I find it both necessary (legally) and correct (ethically) to list here the sources of the various and sundry images, themes, CSS and other such that ultimately combined to produce this page. In some cases, I consider myself under legal obligation to do so, and in some others, I just thought you might like to know what all is involved.

First, the machine this is all running on is a handmade machine of my own, running under my desk at home, and it has been online for about 12 years, in different incarnations. [EDIT : 10/2/2001 – This used to be true, and that machine certainly still does exist, but I’ve since moved to a hosted arrangement for a variety of reasons.]

It is running Slackware linux as its core OS. Current release is a fairly heavily patched 2.4.31 kernel. The web server is, of course Apache, which has over and over again proven itself to be the web server of choice for applications both public and private. Current version is 2.2.3. In order to facilitate all the scripting and automation, I’ve added in mod_perl, mod_ssl and of course php.

The blog software is lovingly provided by the folks at WordPress. On the backend, there is also the masterful MySQL database server.

I have used a variety of themes over the years, as the many posts regarding that will attest. As of August 2011, I’m using a theme called Piano Black, by the fine folks at mono-lab. Listing the others I’ve used over the years would be boring and a pain in the butt, especially since some of them no longer exist. As usual, I’ve made some changes to the default theme to suit my own needs, but it comes with lots of options out of the box, and is very easy to work with. In this particular case, I was looking for something relatively simple, white-on-dark contrast, and fairly minimal, image-wise, multi-column, configurable with options inside wordpress, and this certainly fits the bill.

The badges on the side column (sometimes called brilliant images, or antipixel banners) were either made by hand, or using the wonderful brilliant Maker tool. Images referring to specific vendors or companies were retrieved from their website public relations pages, their public logos or other relatively legitimate means. Any butchery of those logos is my own fault, not theirs. Any copyrights or trademarks thereto are decidedly owned by those companies, and not by me. In order to make this page load faster, all of the images are now combined onto a single image, with CSS taking care of displaying the individual “sprites”.

All content, unless noted, is my own creation. It is licensed under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license’. Please click on that link if you want the nitty gritty details. Please see the disclaimer for additional information.