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New puppy!!!!

Yay. We did it. No name yet. She was puppy #2028 from the Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Colorado. I’ve added in two pics below!!


Possible new puppies

We’re currently looking around to see if we can get a companion for Sasha, our current dog. Sasha is an aussie cattle dog mix. Sasha’s mother was an Aussie cattle dog/chow mix (probably), and we’re really not sure of the father, but one possibility is a Shiba Inu. Anyway, we’re really impressed with Sasha’s temperment and brains. Her size is also perfect. She weighs about 40 pounds (or just shy of that) and thats just right for us. We’re hoping that another dog will also be in that same range for all three of those qualities.

Here are a couple of the candidates we’re looking at:
number one
number two
number three
and number four

The fourth of those is actually pretty astonishing to look at, given how close she looks to Sasha when she was that age. Compare it to this picture from just shortly after we got her home. Or perhaps even this one. Amazing. Almost identical coloring.

Anyway, we’ve emailed the shelter, and we’re trying to arrange to meet with them this Friday late afternoon, early evening. If it all works out, who knows… might be a very busy weekend.



On my old page, I had a log of all the work I was putting into my fishtank. I thought about moving all those posts over, but since the fishtank itself has taken a sort of hiatus, I figured I’d just restart that all when the time came. So I will do just that.

The state of the tank currently is that it is still up and running, with only a couple algae eating fish in it to keep the majority of the algae down. Not being heated (room temp), not being lit at all (room lighting only), and still being actively filtered. Don’t do any current measuring, feeding, planting, adding of fish or anything. Its in ‘low-maintenance’ mode for the moment.

I am absolutely still actively interested in getting this thing back up and going again, once the time/energy presents itself. We’ll see when that happens…

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