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Fantasy Hockey League Post

If you’re not participating in the fantasy hockey league, feel free to ignore this… Read more


Fantasy Hockey, 2010

Howdy folks. I’m not sure who all reads this with any regularity, but I’m cross posting this everywhere to drum up interest, so there you have it. Read more


Star Center

So the very first game the guy gets in for the season opener and he ends up getting a puck in the face. Injured list for 4-6 weeks. You know, I should buy the $30 face shield and send it to him myself. Crapola. I was hoping for some solid performance from this guy right out the gate. Ah well, I picked up Marc Chouinard for the interim. We’ll see if he can continue his opening game trend.


Hockey Season!

Yay. After a year’s worth of listening to players, coaches, league administrators and player’s union representatives bicker over how many fucking billions of dollars they’re all going to make, we, the fans, actually get to watch some hockey again. Read more

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