This week’s links!

I should mention, though perhaps for some it goes without saying, that I don’t necessarily agree with all of the things I’m pointing to here. In fact, I’d go so far as to say some of them are just blatantly wrong. However, I point them out because they are interesting reading. Your own brain is going to have to reach its own conclusions about the veracity of the article, its source(s) and whether what they purport should influence your own thinking or opinions. I’m not an expert on (ok, most of) these topics. You may be. If you want heated debate, we can take that up over a beer. In the meantime, I’m just going to throw stuff out there for your amusement, and leave it up to you whether you elect to consume this fare or not. Enjoy…

  • Now I remember why I hated probability. (blog)
  • Mental note to remember Apache Bookkeeper for distributed logging. (twitter blog)
  • iPad as childcare? (arstechnica)
  • Now I need to go back and read _The Forever War_ again. (
  • Should designers learn to code? (
  • I heart BOFH. (bofh)
  • New Samsung M.2 SSD. (arstechnica)
  • Yeah, there’s this. Eventually, someone wins. (blog)
  • Interesting. European analog to Uber. (forbes)
  • Is Trump’s clown car good shaking up our politics? (nymag)
  • Theranos. (inc)
  • Yeah, I’m a kickstarter fanboi. I can think of worse things. (polygon)
  • Virus detection advances. (atlantic)
  • This is really insightful about interviewing, actually. (ncz blog)
  • You can’t possibly have missed this, can you? (50NerdsofGrey twitter)
  • New Sexy Round Pebble!!! (arstechnica)
  • Zooanthid death mist? Umm…. (scientificamerican)
  • For Jeff: USS Robin! (armchairgeneral)
  • The beginnings of smart cities (
  • Wow. Fascinating music genre thing. (everynoise)