More links from this week’s reading…

  • Some very insightful points on data science and Big Data. (blog)
  • I miss mutt. Was using this actively up until about 3 years ago. (
  • Don’t forget playtime, kids (for parents). (
  • Remember Diablo? Here’s some insider discussion from the principals in making that happen. Great insight into the gaming industry around that time, and how Blizzard was involved. (
  • Science. Ah, science. Bloody, science. The king is dead. Long live the king. (facebook post)
  • Procedural dungeon creation. Nom nom nom. (gamasutra)
  • Ok, now this is a fascinating approach to site-specific passwords. (networkworld)
  • This is so chewy, I don’t even know where to begin. And work-relevant, as it happens. (blog)
  • And this? This is just hilarious. I can’t form words for laughing so hard. (ars technica)
  • Going to have to find this book. I <3 Lem. (