Here’s my attempt at some weekly content aggregation from stuff I’ve read in the past week that was interesting. Curated from a variety of my RSS feeds. The focus will be on the things I generally read. Tech news, science news, gaming news, TV/movie/media news, etc. Occasionally someone else throws me a link that hits my brainpan too. Without further ado, the inaugural first set of Sapientia Delecti…

  • Modular, Stackable PC from Acer – This is pretty cool if it pans out. It’d be really interesting to take one apart and see how they managed the BUS pathways (north/south bridge, PCIE, etc).
  • Ursula K. Leguin interview – She is one of my favorite authors of all time, and always has interesting things to say about the author industry and trends, e-publishing, the Amazon’s of the world, and writing in general. Some interesting stuff in here on the recent puppygate saga with the Hugo’s this year.
  • Billiards videos – As some of you know, I’m somewhat of a pool/billiards player. Its been awhile since I’ve dusted off the cues, and even longer since I’ve played any league play. These short videos accompanied a book (I think?) and were meant to illustrate some of the concepts of the physics behind some really fundamental aspects of good play. Really neat stuff!
  • SimCity City Planning – Ok, this is neat. Goes back to what looks like the very first version of SimCity, and how real world city planning went into the logic and algorithms used in the game, and how you solve what turns out to be very real world problems that the game throws at you. Really cool stuff here, and especially if you can remember playing all those original versions. Man, the graphics… so old school.
  • Stereo separation – I’ve always been fascinated by how some positional audio effects could be achieved in headphones. This doesn’t go into all of it, but it at least starts to create some of the mental models around how frequencies of sound play around with our bi-aural detectors (ears) and how their position on our heads interacts with the various frequencies and stuff.