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Sapientia Delecti, ep04

This week’s links!

I should mention, though perhaps for some it goes without saying, that I don’t necessarily agree with all of the things I’m pointing to here. In fact, I’d go so far as to say some of them are just blatantly wrong. However, I point them out because they are interesting reading. Your own brain is going to have to reach its own conclusions about the veracity of the article, its source(s) and whether what they purport should influence your own thinking or opinions. I’m not an expert on (ok, most of) these topics. You may be. If you want heated debate, we can take that up over a beer. In the meantime, I’m just going to throw stuff out there for your amusement, and leave it up to you whether you elect to consume this fare or not. Enjoy…
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Sapientia Delecti ep.03

Links from this week:

  • Robotic legs on helicopters! (alphr)
  • Ah, Infocom. You were my first love. (
  • And, hilarity ensues around Burning Man (sfist blog)
  • Thoughts on AI, brought to you by Google (
  • Rubik’s cube solver, *cries* (blog)
  • Oh my goodness. Thanks for the link Tom. (chocolatey)
  • Ok, this is just weird. Cool, but weird. (guardian)
  • The blockchain is mesmerizing to watch (blockchain)
  • List of bitcoin/blockchain white papers (startup management)
  • Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has a new game coming out (ars technica)
  • Staggering. scale model of the solar system (universe today)



Sapientia Delecti ep.02

More links from this week’s reading…

  • Some very insightful points on data science and Big Data. (blog)
  • I miss mutt. Was using this actively up until about 3 years ago. (
  • Don’t forget playtime, kids (for parents). (
  • Remember Diablo? Here’s some insider discussion from the principals in making that happen. Great insight into the gaming industry around that time, and how Blizzard was involved. (
  • Science. Ah, science. Bloody, science. The king is dead. Long live the king. (facebook post)
  • Procedural dungeon creation. Nom nom nom. (gamasutra)
  • Ok, now this is a fascinating approach to site-specific passwords. (networkworld)
  • This is so chewy, I don’t even know where to begin. And work-relevant, as it happens. (blog)
  • And this? This is just hilarious. I can’t form words for laughing so hard. (ars technica)
  • Going to have to find this book. I <3 Lem. (



Sapientia Delecti ep.01

Here’s my attempt at some weekly content aggregation from stuff I’ve read in the past week that was interesting. Curated from a variety of my RSS feeds. The focus will be on the things I generally read. Tech news, science news, gaming news, TV/movie/media news, etc. Occasionally someone else throws me a link that hits my brainpan too. Without further ado, the inaugural first set of Sapientia Delecti… Read more


fishtank update

Much time has passed since the last update, and quite a lot has changed since then.
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Content curation

I think I’m going to start blogging a weekly “Stuff I’ve read and found interesting” kind of post. I have no idea if anyone would find this useful at all. It will be roughly even mix of tech news, science stuff, gaming stuff and a miscellaneous esoterica kind of category probably. I guess we’ll see if it draws more traffic.


EC2 Costs

I started this post nearly two years ago, and it has been sitting in my “Drafts” folder since then, untouched.

I recently came up against a need for which Amazon’s cloud was once against the hand’s down most cost effective way to meet my needs, and I figured it was worth documenting the use case. If you don’t know already, I play minecraft. I have a realm. I’ve hosted my own server in the past, and have done a whole mess of stuff with it over the years, including some pixelart (which I will link once I’m not at work anymore). Realms don’t support any kind of mods or plugins, or maps, etc. And so I’ve had to do some manual work to get a map of our realm available online. When I was using fragnet (had great experience with them, btw … our use case just changed is all), they had basically one click install options for using dynmap, a popular dynamic mapping system for minecraft, and it basically auto-magically maintained the map for me, no maintenance or anything necessary. It would update reasonably quickly after you explored more of your world, and all was well in the world.
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