I spent a bit of time today moving the blog up to my hosting provider. Ultimately, I’m trying to slowly relieve my dependence on the machine I have at home to just the core services that I can’t move. Things like MUSHes, minecraft server, mailing lists, etc.

This, and a couple other of the sites I host are sort of the guinea pigs for whether this will work. I think the biggest hurdle was just doing a partial move of particular addresses and not the whole domain. That appears to be working just fine. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

A few other thoughts: I’ve moved book reviews off to goodreads. I think its a great site. If you join, please friend me! I want to hear what you’re reading, and what you think of those books. Movie reviews? Movies? What are those? With the possible exception of like, twice a year when I can get an evening out with my wife and we plan WELL ahead to do so, we don’t see movies anymore. I’m hoping that can change soon. I miss movies.

At some point here, I’m going to post more info about the CPAP and my experiences with it. In summary though: its a very good thing.

More soon, I hope.