First time in ICC.Sindragosa KillSo I’ve been working fairly hard at getting my main toon geared up to run in my guild’s raids. I finally got stuff up to the point where I could off-heal or tank-heal in the 10 man ICC run we’re doing. Unfortunately, I can only really raid one night a week, and that limits how much of the place I can see. However, I was present for the first 2 wings, and this past Tuesday, I was there for a Sindragosa kill.

It was a fairly easy fight through phase 1 and 2, with only a couple technical details to be aware of and react to properly. Phase 3, however, is where things start to hit the fan, and it was definitely challenging getting through that. Oh, and I got an offspec piece of gear as well, which is always nice. We didn’t have time to really make any serious attempts at the Lich King after that, but we did go up to his room and check out the layout. Goodness, but the place is beautiful. A couple images attached below are from there.

Frozen Throne 1Frozen Throne 2