And so with FarmVille, so too with CafeWorld.

I dreamt last night and the night before of things story related, mostly. So thats good, although since its the dream world, it tends to be somewhat fragmented, even if they are lucid dreams and I can keep them roughly on track. So some of its useful, the rest … not so much.

Nechckn gave me a pointer to do the same thing I did with FarmVille with CafeWorld as well, so of course, not having played CafeWorld, I had to go obsess over that for a day. The tool is built, though, so thats a good thing. I just need the data for the high end foods you can make, and it’ll be done. I already added it to the user menu, so it should already be usable. Once I get the remaining data, I’ll “release” that one as well.

Tomorrow should be a day full of picking out dishwasher and hopefully, some relaxation as well. We’ll see how that goes.

Shower and bed. Peace.

PS – I finished _Brother Odd_, another Dean Koontz brain candy. Not bad for brain candy.