It was a relatively eventful day, with much ado about… eventually, nothing.

Doc’s appointment in the morning. Antibiotics, ho! I also stayed up way too late reading, but ended up finishing Clive Cussler’s “Night Probe!”. This is squarely in the category of book I read which I denote “Brain Candy”. I don’t read it for intellectual stimulus, clearly. But it keeps my brain busy, is relatively engaging with action and weird historical oddities, and occasionally he even throws in some real science. Imagine. This one also had a strange Canada/US relationship in it, which was mildly amusing. On to the next…

Ideas for nanowrimo still percolating. I need to start scribbling notes somewhere before all this gets lost to the aether. I still have reasonable confidence of a good showing this year.

I finished the “first draft” of the FarmVille tool I’ve been working on on the Gamepants site. I’m opening it up to my FB friends list to help test it out. I can’t imagine I’m the only one that will find this useful, but maybe I’m mistaken. If you see this, play FarmVille way too much, and want to help test out a nifty little tool I made that helps you play that game, please make a login on the site linked in this paragraph, and give it a whorl. It should all be relatively self-explanatory. If anything doesn’t work, I want to know about it, so please email me or PM me on FB or contact me by one of the 200 different ways there are to do so these days and let me know the details of what you broke.

Time for bed. Peace.