Its been a busy few months. Amazing how much turns up to do when you’re not working.
In the last month, I’ve started a company (Geo Joergsson, LLC), which is what I’ll be using for all my contracting work, plus any publishing I do. Holiday season is always pretty busy anyway. My current contracting gig is back with Hunter Douglas, whom I worked for a long while ago. Its been a real pleasure to see all those folks again. Some things really do never change.

I’ve been working pretty hard on a plugin for WoW. It has its own site here. Its been great to get my hands dirty in code again, and especially to be doing it in a language I’d never used before (lua). Not the most advanced stuff I’ve ever used, but it gets me back in the game again, to be sure. And there were a few constructs in the language that I’d simply never seen before, so thats always a good thing (for example, Memoization).

Home life is good. Nothing is without its ups and downs, but there are considerably more ups than downs these days, and the problems of the past year are now well behind us. As always, these things are require constant diligence and you can’t get lazy. But that is ultimately what makes it worth it, right?

New laptop a couple months ago (in preparation for nanowrimo). Pretty much the identical model that my wife got 6 months earlier, updated. It came with Vista, which I promptly removed, and then found that HP no longer supports back-revving to XP. More fool me. Fortunately, there are lots of good resources online for getting it all working, and I believe I’m done mucking about with it. Its a wonderful tool to have for testing, writing, and coding. My three screens from the my previous setup are now a laptop and two screens.

I also found that using synergy was NOT a viable solution when gaming. WoW on a client machine was utterly uncontrolable. So, I’m using Multiplicity instead, which works perfectly. So much for purely open source. Goodbye, synergy, you served me so well for so long.

What else. Ah, gaming. Yeah, that just never goes away. Hellgate:London, still playing WoW, TF2. PORTAL!! Holy smokes. Portal is cool. One of the wonderful things packaged with the Orange box from Valve. Its so rare to see something innovative in gaming anymore. Everything is canned, rehashed, or redone. Portal was just a complete departure from anything I’d played in recent memory. Bioshock. Oh man, can’t say enough about that one either. Ambience, scary, twisted, wonderful stuff. Still playing on the Wii as well. Should have a couple more games come Christmas too, including, I’m hoping, the new edition of Guitar Hero. Yummy stuff.

I got the drum set finally, and don’t play it enough. Really need to get on that. So many good intentions, so little time. Reading! Oh crap, I’ve read so many good books in the last six months its hard to say where to start. I really need to start posting more reviews as I finish them instead of waiting. Hal Duncan “Vellum” and “Ink”. Awesome stuff. Think Neil Gaiman crossed with, uh … William Gibson and throw in some Phillip K. Dick trippiness for good measure. Pullman’s Golden Compass was recently finished in time for me to go see the movie (which hasn’t happened yet). I’ll read the other two in coming months. Purchased the followon to “Pillars of the Earth”, but haven’t read it yet. That was a life-changing book, though, so I’m expecting great things.

I guess I’ll post more later as stuff comes to mind.