Its been awhile since I posted. So I figured I’d throw out a few notes as to whats been going on.

We’re obviously gearing up for Geostock again. Only a couple more days before that level of mayhem ensues again. At work, my boss put in notice, and this is his last official week at work. Kind of weird. The new guy seems pretty good so far, and I’m hopeful for the future with him. Seems like an intelligent, thoughtful and up front kind of guy. Exactly the kind of person I enjoy working for most. Time will tell…

A friend of mine recently published his first book. Although I haven’t read it yet (its on its way from Amazonland or some-such), it definitely reignited my own thoughts on doing some writing. It would be nice see if that means of securing income is viable before ditching my current gig.

My wife has graduated from her Pharmacy degree program. Now she’ll start earning the big bucks. Retirement here I come. No, seriously… I mean, that just gives us both options we’ve (I’ve) never had before. The next couple of years will be pretty telling as far as determining what sort of lifestyle we’ll be leading for the forseeable future.

Upgraded the version of WP on the site, switched themes, added a few plugins, etc. I’ll have all the details up in the Credits page once I’ve got everything settled down. That reminds me. I need to update my book list and stuff as well. Some of that is pretty outdated at this point. And, like …post more often in general.

More to come!