For the first time in almost … well, alot of years, I’m trying out contact lenses again.
So the part I do like, obviously, is the regaining of peripheral vision, and clarity without the squinting and adjusting of glasses to make sure the object in view is in my field of clear view. I have a feeling that in the last 2 years, my pool playing was negatively impacted by a set of glasses that didn’t have the right correction.

Not that I’m trying to blame the lenses, but I distinctly remember the first time I wore the last glasses, and feeling more than just the usual “new correction adjustment” when I was playing. I honestly think the change was in my left eye too, which is … well, weird. I guess it makes sense though, if you consider the impact that would have on any sort of 3D and depth perception types of things.

So, we’ll see. So far I’m doing ok with them. Had no problems putting them in … and only minor irritation getting them back out again. Kinda like riding a bike I suppose. The real test, I think, will be extended wear overnight at work, staring at monitors for hours on end. TIme will tell.