WTF the 20 pounds I lost. PST.
In all seriousness, I did feel like I should update a bit more here, and this was something that came up today, and I think, deserved some mention.

I mentioned way earlier this year that I had begun an effort to change a few things, including the things and how much I was consuming. The principle change so far has really just been in what I was drinking, and more specifically, drinking at work. Now, I live in Colorado, so that inherently means that I’m fairly concerned with staying hydrated in order to just maintain a healthy state. You always hear recommendations like “6-8 full glasses of water a day”. Some people complain that they would really have to force themselves to be drinking that much. I’ve *never* had that problem.

So, the problem was that I was drinking 6-8 glasses of Mountain Dew each night, not water. So before I was even thikning about what kind of food consumption I would have in a given day, I was already 2000 empty calories to the wind. Not a good starting place when you’re thinking about controlling your caloric intake.

So I switched off that. I’m proud to say that since I started this in February, and with the possible exception of one weekend where we had a party, I’ve not had a single can of Mt.Dew. I am now drinking several different brands of “Flavored Water” that are out on the market. It doesn’t matter too much which ones, honestly. They’re all about the same. I tend to prefer the stronger berry or peach flavors over lemon, but they’re all fine.

Now, I still have a long way to go. Of that, there is no doubt. But its a start, and enough to encourage me to continue working at this. Next step: exercise regimen.