Good day. Its been a interesting few weeks with a lot of activity on several fronts. Geostock preparations continue to spin up. Tom’s got a cool shirt design all cooked up. Work continues to be wonderfully challenging, with its own sweet rewards as well.

In two days, we will be, for the first time since college, free of credit card debt. This is a landmark occasion. I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate, but we will. Most likely by charging something expensive and taking months to pay it off. Go us.

WoW is re-energized for me now. The Partisan League is mostly defunct now on the alliance side, and we hooked up with another guild called TBA (The Brutal Alliance). Its been tremendous fun hanging with all of them, and they gave us a great reception.

There are several types of guilds out there, at all levels of craziness. The thing I like about this group is that they’re dedicated to two concepts. One: making sure not to lose sight of the primary goal of having fun. Two: being as DAMN GOOD at your toons as it is possible to be. There is nearly constant discussion of templates, respecs for all classes, tactics, raid/instance/quest and solo play strategies, etc. I’ve learned more in “routine” conversations with these folks than I had in 2 years of playing the game previously (including beta). Wonderful stuff. Anyone who reads this who is interested in hanging with us, we’re on Hellscream. My primary toons are Zhinjio and Zhinzebub. Send ingame mail to me and I’ll get you all hooked up. We’re also just at the cusp of being able to stage 20 man runs completely in guild. AWESOME. And Smidge is playing actively again, so thats even more incentive.

Bonus hits, ESPP payout and tax returns all hitting in the same one month period FTW. Sometimes, it all just comes together nicely.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but I’m not going to be really anal about measuring it and such. I haven’t had a drop of Mt.Dew in 7 weeks. Eating about the same, maybe a little bit smarter. Hoping to get exercise regimen going here shortly.

Finally, we’re moving all kinds of shit around in the basement, which includes setting up a whole crapload of shelving along two walls with an entertainment center integrated into it. FINALLY someplace to put all our books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Imagine not having stacks of them all over the house. Stunning stuff. I’ll post a pic or two once thats done.

In general, all is well, and moving along smoothly.