So I was driving home from work this morning, and during one stretch of roads, I was behind a Yukon that had a bumper sticker reading:


Excuse me? Uh …. wow. I’m not sure even where to begin on this one. So what … a family that HATES together bombs abortion clinics together? A family that hates together prosecutes Jews together?

Last I checked, Jesus’ stance (not that I care, and yes, I realize I’m oversimplifying) was to love sinners doubly so in order to forgive them. In fact, he went so far as to DIE for their sins. Hate, as I recall, didn’t even enter into it. Right, so religion isn’t necessary a family value, but the two do seem to be fairly commonly found together. Besides, hating is hard work, and stressful. No thanks. I’ll pass on this one, thanks.