So after getting a nice break up in cold country, I return to Colorado, ready for work, D&D, Friday nights out with friends, pool league, and all of my usual procrastinations and obsessions await.
I made good progress on my D&D campaign, coming up with alot more of the backstory I had been formulating in my head. While the style of the campaign did make it possible to be slower in coming up with that stuff, it just delayed and slowed down the effort. I still find that sort of thing rewarding and fundamental to a solid campaign. Now if I can just get the damn maps worked out, I’ll be in really good shape to continue in full force.

WoW is doing well. Despite brief discussions around proper raid etiquette, we’re converging on running 5/10 man raids once or more times a week now. If I can get people to start using something consistent for planning them, we may actually get better participation than that. Along those same lines, I’ve also been ‘advertising’ for new folks to join us. The focus in “candidate interviews’ is all about wanting mature, mellow people who are respectful and not too uptight. So far, the success rate in picking people has been very high. Although everyone is still technically in a ‘trial’ period, everyone seems to be working out. I think one person left the Guild again the next day. Everyone else is still in and slowly sinking in with everyone. This is a tight knit group, and it can be challenging for new people to ‘break in’.

I must say I am a little disappointed in the Lunar Festival thing they’re running right now. The two main focal points of the festival are the collection of coins from 50 ‘Elders’ spread all over the world, including in instances, and the killing of Omen, a bid dog-like thing in Moonglade that requires a 40+ person raid to complete. I managed to complete all the Elders solo, and also participated in the raid to kill Omen. Neither of which is an insignificant task, by any stretch. The reward? A lamp that makes pearls that make a column of light. Is the light special in some way? No. Is the lamp otherwise usable in some way? No. Can it be wielded, thrown, worn or otherwise used to some beneficial effect? No. AH! Now I remember! Each Elder gathered yielded up 50 reputation with “The Alliance” (and as such, anything directly childed to that in the reputation tree). Phew.

You’d think that a solo player, running through Orgrimmar to the BACK (Valley of Wisdom), hitting the Elder there to get his coin, and then attempting to get out again would be worth more than a PEARL THAT MAKES A COLUMN OF LIGHT. Ahem. Please.

Alright, enough ranting. AH has been successful lately, My newbie ‘lock is coming up in levels (31 now), and all is largely well in the virtual world.

Cesium and I have also been looking at upgrading the main pebkac site. The main backend software has been upgraded with some new stuff that we want to see in, and there’s a bunch of other things that would be nice to see, not the least of which is a nice shiny new look/color scheme. The only problem is the existing portal system hasn’t been updated for the new revision yet. So we’re looking at alternatives and testing now. It’d be nice to put a new fresh face on the site to get people more involved again.

He also ordered a new stand for the fishtank we got him, and that should be in soon, I would imagine. Can’t wait to see it up and running. This particular tank is an experiment, and I’m curious to see how it’ll do. Lemme see if I can find a link to it. This one seems reasonable. Anyway, they’re very cool in theory. The real test will be in practice.

There’s more to say, but I’ll split this into multiple posts. Blort.