I don’t even remember the last time I got to visit my Mom.

Its been a darn long time, in any case. She’s also got a new house up there in PEI, and I haven’t seen that yet either, obviously. So I get a little mini-vacation here to go see her and relax for a week. I plan on doing … nothing.

Apart from that, doing some more work on the plot development for the D&D campaign, and also actively pursuing the effort to NOT think about work for a week. It’ll be tough. There is alot going on right now.

Work/Life balance though, right? Thats one of the guiding tenets and principles of this job is to always make sure that is maintained as well as can be for you and your employees. Often I ignore myself in to make sure the latter is true, but I suppose thats my boss’ job as much as mine.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the break, and the last couple days of work here are going to probably be somewhat long in preparation for being away.