Archive for December, 2005


Relief from the long hours and stresses of work appears to be on the way, both in terms of manpower and hours. Read more


Another new shiny

Well, work came through. After several months of forms and approvals and waiting for order fulfillment, I finally got my new powerbook. Read more


Pimp My Ride…

This was something I was intending to post in my long term wish list, but my wife beat me to it, bless her heart. Read more


First couple new tank shots

Its pretty much setup now. Lights are on, sump is running and doing its thing, and so we’re just waiting for the water to ‘age’ properly and stabilize with the right chemical makeup and salinity. Read more


You know you’re in management when…

So occasionally, I find myself embroiled in some whacked out, attitude driven political discussion at work. This is usually the result of an email thread someone, somewhere sends that ignotes the fires underneath me, forcing me to respond. Read more

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