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Epic Mount

After nearly 3 months of effort, I finally got my epic mount in World of Warcraft. Not sure if any of the images are small enough to throw inline, so I’ll just link to the Gallery album. Phew.


Doom the Movie

Doom (Movie)


This movie lived up to expectations.

No spoilers here for those of you who want to see it. I will say that it is violent, bloody, machinegun firin’, chainsaw wieldin’, cliche ridden, adrenalin filled fun. A few nice little id/gamer jokes and you have a complete package. If you don’t like any of the above things? Don’t bother.

All in all, a fun time.

[xrr rating=7.5/10]


This is just too good

I can’t possibly not share this. Read more


Star Center

So the very first game the guy gets in for the season opener and he ends up getting a puck in the face. Injured list for 4-6 weeks. You know, I should buy the $30 face shield and send it to him myself. Crapola. I was hoping for some solid performance from this guy right out the gate. Ah well, I picked up Marc Chouinard for the interim. We’ll see if he can continue his opening game trend.



So with the ordering of digital cable, and the eventual addition of NHL Center Ice, we have to move the entertainment center out of the way so the guy can come in and “install” the digital cable box. Read more


Dental Fun

Root canal this morning, bright and early. Need to get back in a week or so for the crown work. Nothing is as exciting to me as dental work. An a positive note, this guy made the anaesthetic shot completely painless. Thats a new one for me.


Northbridge, round 2

So after receiving the part mentioned a couple posts below, I ended up trying to put it in, and failing miserably. The distance of the holes from each other was just slightly too wide for the motherboard mounts. In frustration, I finally just called Asus. They indicated that they would send me a new one (of a different, more robust variety) for no charge. All I had to do was call their RMA department on Monday morning. So, I did so, yesterday morning when I got home from work, and they are sending one out to me.

The only additional comment they made was that, instead of mounting ‘straight’ on the chip, this one had its mounts on the corners of the fan, and, as such, would be turned 45 degrees when mounted. Frankly, I don’t care if its standing on its head if it keeps the damn thing cool. Well, ok, and its 15mm or less in height. So I do care. So vaht … big deeeel.


Hockey Season!

Yay. After a year’s worth of listening to players, coaches, league administrators and player’s union representatives bicker over how many fucking billions of dollars they’re all going to make, we, the fans, actually get to watch some hockey again. Read more



So you’re using a cool IM client and you don’t like the stock icon it puts in there for you? I’ve added all the avatars I’ve been accumulating over the years into my gallery. That particular album is located here for your perusal. Read more

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