So thanks to Troy I took a look at the next version of the Gallery software. Man, that conversion took about 10 minutes, and its already a whole lot easier to deal with than the old version.

I imported all the previous images over, made it more secure, turned on URL rewriting, and a few other tweaks and such. This is now a release candidate for the 2.0 version, and I’m pretty impressed. Ok, so I’ll keep using it.

In addition, I took another look at my camera to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong to get such grainy images. I also used a different memory card (not that that should affect image quality), and did some minor playing around with camera settings. Again realized I don’t understand it well enough yet to go to complete ‘manual’ mode on it. Took a few more pictures, and eventually came up with two pictures of the fishtank that I’m not completely disappointed by.

They don’t stand up to any serious scrutiny as far as image quality is concerned, but at least you can see the new layout and whats going on in the tank. The new lighting system is also evident as well, and is working its magic, as the overabundance of algae is a clear indicator of. Monday I’m going to go get some more Ottos and see if they are up to the challenge.