So on quiet nights at work, when we do have them (maybe one a week), I try to catch up on links people have sent me, or poke around finding something interesting online. One recent such link was Clublife, the blog of a bouncer from a swanky NYC club.
While I may not always agree with him, philosophically, I do find it a very entertaining read. The best part of it, to me, is the irony of the (self-professed) ‘meathead physiqued’ man contrasted with the clearly intelligent mind behind the posts. Although I certainly can’t do his posts justice, I will attempt to capture a representative quote below (Rob, please forgive me, I can’t help myself… this just cracked me up … if you insist, I’ll remove the material). The following quote is from Sunday, November 21, 2004, in the November 2004 archive

At this point, in an effort to demonstrate to me how “okay” he was, he suddenly broke into an absurdly arrhythmic impromptu attempt at dancing, his body limply gyrating as his eyes closed into slits and his chin descended into his chest. A particularly violent head bob suddenly seemed to jar him into some manner of alternate consciousness, causing him, with eyes closed, to jam his index finger up his nose and proceed to dig for gold, drilling so deeply that he could conceivably have been performing some bizarre form of self-massage upon his own brain. I have never before had the misfortune to witness another human being engage in such a violent exercise in nosepicking, and the image has been seared upon my consciousness to such an extent that I fear I’ll eventually need to avail myself of therapy in order to repress it.

Goddamn I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that. What great imagery.
Keep it comin’, Rob … you’ve got a loyal reader here.