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Yeah, so I do this thing. Every time we get started on some new online game, I go completely stats hungry on it. Its just what I do. I’m a numbers freak. Games with more complexity in their stats and character information aren’t confusing or a ‘put off’, instead they appeal to me. Read more


Fishtank, resurrected

So I observed, patiently, pH, KH, GH, NO2/3/4 testers in hand for the fishtank to go through its normal nitrogen cycle, get my bacteria going again, and stablize. Pop went the ammonia, then down they went. Up with the nitrates, down they went. Algae formed. Everything going according to plan. Read more


Revisiting D&D

So I made mention awhile ago about wanting to revitalize our D&D campaign, and throwing some new ideas into the mix. Read more


Thoughts on blogging…

After doing a fair amount of reading of other people’s blogs in the past few days, a few thoughts occur to me. Read more


Something to read

So on quiet nights at work, when we do have them (maybe one a week), I try to catch up on links people have sent me, or poke around finding something interesting online. One recent such link was Clublife, the blog of a bouncer from a swanky NYC club. Read more

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