Sid Meier’s Pirates


So I’m browsing through Best Buy, wondering if there’s anything new to get, and suddenly I turn a corner and walked right into a mysterious zone with noone else around, and everything freshly surrounded by an aura of wonder. Amidst all of this was one shining box, colored brightly and artistically displaying images of swords, parrots and eye-patch’ed scurvy bastards.

So mystified was I that I nearly fell to my knees. Instead though, I just bought it. I’ve put a bunch of time into already, and I love it. Very rich gameplay, lots of boats and men fighting, swords crossing and ladies dancing. Not necessarily in that order. The setting is the old world caribbean and gulf of mexico. Goods can be bought and sold in ports for profit, trade routes pillaged, indian raids averted (or arranged), gold acquired and spent, ships to loot and escort, ladies wooed and danced with, buried treasure to unearth, lost relatives to discover, and awards and rankings to be acquired and ignored.

A must own.

My rating: 4.5 stars

[xrr rating=8.5/10]