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Seems to take longer nowadays. Maybe I’m imagining things, and maybe I’m not. Anyway, going to work today is going to be an exercise in proper symptomatic medication.



As usual, everything happens late and in the most exhausting way possible. Ah well. Guests on the nonce.



I was pondering something yesterday, and it has continued being a background thread in my brain since then. It occurred to me that time tends to distort, and often completely obscure our ability to remember precise order of events, or specific memories. That’s all good. Expected and normal. Read more


Admin interface

And if any of you using WP are sick of how plain the admin interface is, just go here. Oh heavens, what an improvement.

Thanks Dar.

Note: default permissions in the zipfile are whacked (or were for me). chmod -R 644 * in the directory it unzips into, and its all good.


Fishtank resurrection, stage 2

The fishtank is now clean, a few stubborn spots excepted. I’m watching it fill with water now, and there’s about an inch of substrate so far. I’m going to consider this the ‘base’ substrate, because in some areas of the tank, I plan to have 5-6 inches of substrate. Read more



Finally got my laptop working at home. And synergy is in full effect. If you haven’t yet found the beautiful thing that is Synergy, and you use more than one computer on any desk you work or play at, you need to stop what you’re doing, follow that link, and go get it. Clients for Mac, Unix and Windows. Trust me, you need this. Really.


A generous waste of time

Sid Meier’s Pirates


So I’m browsing through Best Buy, wondering if there’s anything new to get, and suddenly I turn a corner and walked right into a mysterious zone with noone else around, and everything freshly surrounded by an aura of wonder. Amidst all of this was one shining box, colored brightly and artistically displaying images of swords, parrots and eye-patch’ed scurvy bastards. Read more

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