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Fishtank – Redux

All I can say is … Holy Shit. That is one GODDAMN big tank.
<edit>And after further searching around, I found this one as well. Hot damn.</edit>


Phish – Rift

I just don’t know. Every time I listen to this album I remember why I started listening to Phish in the first place. Although the discussion is of course disputable between individual Phishheads, this is the hands-down best album imho. There’s not a single bad song in the bunch, and several of them just shine out as diamonds amidst all the other precious stones. Not sure why I wanted to make special note of this now, but whatever.



So I’m going to resurrect my tank. It has been sitting essentially idle for almost 2 years now. Although it did still have a filter running, it has only room heating and lighting in all that time. The only word that comes to mind (although not technically correct) is Brackish. Read more


Once again I churn

I go through this about every six months or so. I’m a slave to my machine and its interface. I want things to look good, and be functional, and have all the information I want readily at my disposal. So there are a few tools I use for this adventure. Read more


So there you have it…

So upon leaving SUN, the beginning of the end of the stock options I received while working there happens. For those who don’t know … stock options work in four phases… grant, vest, purchase and expire. An option is granted on a particular date, at a particular price, on a particular vesting schedule, and will expire at a particular time. Read more


Let the cleansing begin…

So my wife’s Mom is coming to visit later today, and staying for a week. This sort of thing always is preceeded by a tremendous effort to clean the house and make things reasonably presentable. Try to mix that in with trying to get enough sleep and still spending time with the other usual weekly activities, and you invariably fall short on something. In this case, sleep. Read more


A couple more…

I added a couple more themes. So here they are, in no particular order:


pebkac update

So every once in awhile, a misdiagnosis of a problem is a godsend. A few nights ago, I was seeing problems on pebkac, so I logged in to take a closer look, and every single command I typed was failing miserably. Suspecting that the box had been rooted, I had the machine turned off until I could take a closer look and do the necessary cleanup and such. Read more

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