State of Fear – Michael Crichton


Say whatever you want about the quality of his body of work, but one thing is indisputable, the man does his research. Furthermore, this book inspires me to do more of my own research. It made me (or has made me) genuinely interested in discovering just how much of his view is real vs. more media nonsense. The topic at hand is Global Warming, and this book dissects a view that I was not previously familiar with. In larger scope, it re-examines (not a new idea, by any stretch), just how much influence media, and politic-driven media, specifically has a rnd can have over our country, and in fact, the world’s perception of the problems we all face.

And finally, despite it being driven to just a single conversation in the book, the title gives it away for me. The conversation about 3/4 of the way through with the professor studying the ecology of thought, it is about fear. We are a society driven by it, and the media and politicians will always seek to ensure that we are that way. A society of Fear. Sad, really, but from what I can tell, completely founded in fact.

I will leave you to your own opinions, but I definitely recommend this one. I urge all the eco-enviro-friendly folks to read this. I’d almost call it required reading. I’m not saying so because I, or the author, or the book, will prove you wrong … more that it will force you to make sure you’re fighting the RIGHT fight. There is a fight out there, and environmental awareness and management are key issues, but let’s make sure we’re fighting the right fight.

[xrr rating=7/10]