I was just sent an email from a good friend of mine. He tends to be pretty politically active, staying on top of issues both local and federal. He’s especially concerned about environmental things, reinforced by his wife being employed in that field as well (she works for an international symposium on global environmental concerns).

What he forwarded me was the text from this speech. Take a moment to read that so the rest of this post will have some meaning. First, I want to make sure this is taken in context. No, it isn’t true that every single religious affiliation or group believes the things mentioned in there, or that every right wing voter necessarily holds those things to be truths. It does, however, cast a more cynical eye on something that has been bothering me for some time.

Its one thing to blame the lobbyists for large corporations that contribute to pollutants, sending up gobs of cash to make sure legislation of the types mentioned in that speech get pushed through, and loosen the reins that law imposes on those businesses. Obviously, those companies are (or at least, have been) made to spend alot of money to ensure they comply with federal regulations regarding pollutants, and are held accountable for the indiscretions their waste disposal policies may cause.

But, I had sort of assumed the ‘masses’ of the populace that are unaffiliated with those companies, or at least, sympathize with them, were generally in favor of environmental reform, supported alternative energy sources, recycling and more efficient use of the dwindling resources we do have. I can also accept that there is a portion of the population that simply “can’t be bothered”. Well, fine. I get that too… taking part in some of these programs (least of recycling) requires some effort! Hell, I own an SUV. I’m completely comfortable with the fact that means I get less gas mileage, and am paying more (both in gas money, and in taxes) for that privilege. Given where I live (Rocky Mountains) and the occasional desire to move around stuff in quantities a smaller vehicle cannot handle, I feel perfectly justified in my decision, and I’m willing to pay those extra fees. My choice.

But this article brings a whole separate element into the picture. Not only is this faction not going to participate in these efforts to stave off global warming and its effects, it also may in fact condone those behaviors that bring it about! While I don’t think anyone is in any hurry to die, that level of conviction about Armageddon certainly has them walking tall and proud towards that day. They feel completely justified in making sure the “signs of the end times” are, in fact, present in today’s society. Wow. Boggles the mind.

Alright, I won’t dwell on that. If you’re out there and you feel that way. I’m truly, truly sorry. If this really is the “end times” you want so desperately to believe is going to take you away from the world’s ills and woes, at least please don’t make things more miserable for the rest of us on the way, ok? By your own admission, you’re going to get plenty of time to watch us being miserable once you’ve attained your desired post “at the right hand of God”.