The years have not been kind. No … I need to rephrase that. I have not been kind to myself over the years. Yeah, thats better. In my advanced age of 34 (har), I am now starting to feel all the deliterious effects of the abuses of my youth, and the continued effects of my overall sloth.

And you know, its the stupid little things that remind you of it, that something’s not right, or that something needs to be fixed. Vaulting up 15 steps, and being winded. Bending over to tie your shoes and feeling uncomfortable because your gut is in the way. An afternoon spent walking around in a local shopping district leaves you tired, cranky and sore. Oh, not to mention the obvious of not having clothes fitting that used to, etc.

At this point, I’m starting to feel like it has stopped being an inconvenience, and started being a health hazard. I feel like every Mt.Dew I pound back adds a 1/2 pound to my weight and 10 days off my life. And you know, ultimately, its not even so much my diet. No question, there is room there for improvement. I think, depending on who you talk to, that is always going to be true. The bottom line, though, I feel, is the lack of exercise. So its all well and good to talk about it, and mourn the loss of youth. I think its time. Time to regain control over that part of my life I thought was gone. Because if I don’t? Well … I may not have much more of that life to enjoy as I might have otherwise had. There will be parts of the rest of my life that will be sacrificed for this. Thats too bad. This has become too important an issue to let those other things become excuses.

I’m not going to rant and rave about my progress on this in here, but I’ll occasionally throw in an update just for ‘point-in-time’ references. Have to keep track of it somewhere. Think I’ll start a ‘health’ category for anything else I might want to throw in. Don’t wish me luck. Wish me willpower. Thats always the hardest part…