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Time is such a tenuous thing. You think you have alot of it, and it passes by at an astonishing rate. Its amazing how many concepts around our daily existences revolve around it. We can ‘make time’, ‘pass the time’, ‘let time slip through our fingers’, ‘kill time’, ‘waste time’ and so on.

When we’re young, we think there’s so much time, we can’t hardly find ways to fill it all, and end up bored. We look forward to getting older, becoming like our parents or other idols of our youth. As we get older, we abandon some idols for others or end up in a searching pattern, trying to find our ideals, goals, wonts, desires and faith. At some point, we think we know what we want, or at least accept that it is a moving target, and simply strive to always move to that target. And then we spend the rest of our days seeking that, filling every single minute of every single day in that search.

It may not always feel like it. It may feel like we’re just existing in some sort of wheel, or locked into a cycle or pattern that simply repeats itself endlessly. But to what end? To make money? Find fame? Become a star? Usually nothing so far fetched or unreachable. But it does feel like there isn’t enough time. Why are we in a rush? Is it something we impose on ourselves? Are we so ‘instant gratification’ driven that we can’t be patient with reaching those goals? Is the short term gain always more important than the long term?

Maybe we do need to slow down again. Societal pressure, as well as our own (perhaps misguided) drives make us push hard against that. A scene from a recent movie just struck me as poignant on this thought. In The Last Samurai, in the lord of the village remarks on his poetry, and how he is seeking the perfect spring blossom. Finally, in his death scene, his eyes already clouded over from his impending death, he remarks that they’re all perfect. Maybe we do need to spend more time in the now, looking at the beauty all around us, share in the pleasures and joys that we already have, instead of dwelling so much on things as yet unrealized.

I’ve always used the phrase casually, “Gotta Have Goals”, usually in reference to something lewd or lascivious. And I don’t think thats changed. You do have to have goals, drives and things that get you up every morning and drive you to excel. So the frustration that I’m feeling now revolves strictly around the constraints we face in accomplishing all that we want within the constraints of the time we’re given. I think I need to step back, evaluate again what is important, and not try and do too much at once. And in the meantime, leave myself enough time to enjoy what is around me now.

I miss college. I think many people might say that same thing. Why? Well, perhaps it was because I was so moved to accomplishing the things I did there that I neglected to enjoy the here and now of it. Maybe 4 years of that kind of environment wasn’t enough. But thats simply an example.

I need to think about that some more.


Week off

So next week I have off from work. Family coming into town on Tuesday. So that gives me three days to get my fill of Halflife 2, Metroid Prime 2 and World of Warcraft before they get here. Oh, and clean the house. Oh well, so much for having vacation. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

Christmas break will be different. 2 uninterrupted weeks of no obligations or distractions. God help me.



Ok, so you’re right.

I’ll just generate a PDF and provide a link to it. Time to dig out my acrobat license and get to it. Blah.


Another dream

This one was pretty detailed. It started out in a skiing resort type village. Somewhere were there was snow and a gondola. For some reason, the main gondola had some kind of cable problem and one of the gondola ‘pods’ was hanging low over a street. A large SUV or truck came ripping around the corner and nailed it. The main character was in the gondola, and the next thing he knew, he woke up flat on his back on the ground, staring up and two huge pylons, one from the gondola, and one from a power line and transformer. Also notable was that he was surrounded by hundreds of snowballs and that he had a photograph of his best friend (who had come with him on this ski vacation) on his chest.

He was brought to the hospital and checked out, having suffered no overt damage except shock, and eventually went back to the condo they had rented. When he arrives, he finds out that it was his best friend who was in the SUV, and that after the impact, it had careened off the road and fallen down into a frozen pond where his friend had drowned.

After going back home, and getting over that event, as time passed, strange things started to happen to people around him. They would die in strange ways, or would disappear, or apparently be kidnapped and never heard from again. It doesn’t happen constantly, but certainly with a much higher frequency than would normally be associated with one person and those he knows.

Over time, and through hypnosis and counselling, he is able to slowly remember the events of that original accident. What he eventually discovers is that after the impact with the SUV, he was thrown from the gondola, and landed squarely on a power transformer on the other pylon. During that moment where he is being electrocuted, he has a sort of “come to Jesus” moment, and meets his maker. Not having been a religious person at all, he is confused and cautious. As a result, he is given a choice by this being. Either he can die, and be brought “into the Light” of this newfound God, or he can live a full life, and (looking down below in the snow) over his lifespan, people around him would always be dying in mysterious ways, one person for every snowball on the ground.

Again, he then remembers having woken up on his back in the snow, apparently having made his choice. The significance of the photo eventually becomes apparent as well. It seems that every time he really looks at a picture (not just seeing something in passing), someone in the picture then dies or disappears without a trace. One scene in the dream is where he is being shown a picture by a friend of his of this person’s child, who is in the other room. As he looks at the picture, there is a scream from the other room, some other adult just having watched the child vanish from where she was playing on the floor.

After that point, I was sort of waking up from a phone call or two, and there wasn’t much more. I do remember that earlier in the dream (again) I had a feeling that this dream was not ‘original’ and that it had come from a story I had read or movie I had seen or something. Also, in the ending parts, the person had started secluding themselves from society, trying desperately not to view any photographs and cause any more deaths. Then it ended.



A few noteworthy post-election links

I’ll add to this as I get things forwarded to me.

This one is somewhat uplifting in spite of it all. I wish this wasn’t so funny. I don’t want to laugh about any of this. And this one was pre-election, but makes all this that much more frustrating. Also, I have alot of respect for Hunter S. Thompson, so whatever. Here’s something to note if you really just can’t take it anymore. Commentary from George Soros.

I’ll add more as I find them.


Back Tattoo Images

It occurred to me, after receiving an email from Crispin, that I hadn’t put up any of the more recent images of the back tattoo work. It is, in fact, done now. Please note, that in the below images, where you see ‘red’, it isn’t the color of the ink. That is just how skin behaves when you puncture it thousands of times with little needles, and the blood comes closer to the surface of the skin. So, I submit, for you approval or loathing…

Update (9/28/2011) … just linking straight to the gallery.

Note, I need put up one final image from now, which will have everything the right color and shading and such, and I’ll get to that soon. And for reference, the kanji in the small scroll thinger on the left hand side are three pairs for ‘truth’, ‘honesty’ and ‘compassion’.


A glazed stare

Thats how I feel. Glazed. To some extent, this both validates and invalidates the election process for me. One the one hand, you can see that yes, in fact, the people have spoken. On the other hand, they have demonstrated the fact that, in the majority, they are really really fucking dumb.

How, after the past four years of lying, stealing, tax evading, nepotism, lobby, money and favoritism-driven political agendas that this asshole can be seen as the ‘moral’ choice, and the ‘family’ choice, is completely beyond my comprehension. And I didn’t even start in about the economy, environment, big corporate breaks, or the global communities he’s gotten us kicked out of.

So yes! Go America! We get to see another four years of the worst administration this country has ever seen in its existence get to wreak its ugly habits on this great land of ours. And who will be able to blame? Only ourselves. Congratulations, you have managed to divide this country in a way it has not seen since the Civil War.

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