Just got up from another weird dream, and this was another one worth writing down. I suppose this was possibly influenced by the recent watching of Passion of the Christ, but in alot of ways, it has nothing to do with that. Anyway….

The beginning of the dream is all very Indiana Jones style. I was with someone, and we were investigating some documentation that had been put together a very long time ago about a manner in which to ‘summon’ God, or at least have a visitation of some sort. It wasn’t very clear. I believe the person I was with was supposed to be a priest of some kind. Later on in the dream, it turned into Trout.Complex, but I’m not sure if that was significant.

Anyway, we managed to uncover some sort of portal. It looked to me like a iron bar type gate, which we could see through into the inner chamber, which was filled with all sorts of religious symbolism. Interestingly, it contained symbols from many world religions, not just that of Christianity. At this point, the person I was with said some sort of prayer in Latin, and simply stepped through the gate without opening it. He had invoked some sort of belief or “spell” for lack of a better term, or called on God to help him through this challenge. Good call, as it turned out, as every step further inside the sanctum produced all sorts of traps going off that he(we) could just ignore. Though I remember seeing this part in slow motion, my perspective appeared to be viewing him from in front, facing backward. I didn’t see myself, and didn’t see how I was avoiding these pitfalls myself. Ah, the logic of dreams.

Finally, we reached what looked like a giant sarcophagus, and the priest person pulled out all kinds of stuff, including a long sword, a brooch with a huge gem in it, and a large bag or container of water (presumably holy water). The whole thing seemed to be slightly tipped up (head at top), so that when the water was poured over the thing, it began to spread down the entire surface, filling in all the relief parts of the surface, making it glisten, and almost glow. The sword he slid into the brooch, about halfway down the blade, and somehow affixed it there. It matched the impression in the surface of this thing, and he placed it inside the depression.

Nothing really happened, although it did seem to become darker, and there were several lightbeams, not unlike sunbeams (but more focused) that were coming in from odd angles, seemingly highlighted places on the walls. Behind the sarcophagus now, the priest guy read some text, and indicated that we would find “His Son” on the northeast wall, or something similar to that. Looking up on the wall, and spotting one of those lightbeams, it appeared to be highlighting a small picture of Jesus, who was looking down into his hands, where a small flame was lit. It did appear to be a button or movable in some way, so I reached up and pressed this.

This triggered a series of what I’ll call ‘tests’. It was also somewhere during these tests that it became clear the priest guy was now Trout. Two other things occurred to me at this point. One: that I seem to have been brought along on this thing quite intentionally by the priest (Trout), almost no more than one of his other props, like the sword or water. It wasn’t clear to me why until later. Second, that I also knew I was going to get up and record this dream. The possibility existed that I would later incorporate it into a story or write it, and the feeling that I couldn’t do that was strong. It seemed that this story had been written before, or that this was somehow else not going to be a unique work.

Anyway, I jumped fairly quickly back into the dream, and the tests. The tests involved different things. At one point, simply finding various images on the wall and noting them. At one point, reading text in Latin. Another was rubbing dirt off of images on the wall. Once uncovered, it turned out to be childhood images of myself and Trout. The image of me was a picture I do recall being taken of me as a child. The images had to be completely rubbed from of whatever ‘rot’ was happening, because if there was even the smallest spot left, it would then grow and re-cover the whole picture. This part I don’t remember so well, but I do remember the last part. It had to do with “Praying for the Ascension” or some such. Another very large, outline lit image of a massive sword in the wall had that inscription, and Trout told me to pray. We both knelt with our backs to the north wall, and looking at the sarcophagus, and then both closed our eyes and prayed.

I don’t remember the prayer. I remember it being rather disconnected and not really affiliated with Christianity, despite all the previous tests and evidence in the room being fairly heavily tilted that way. I felt a rush behind me, and wanted to open my eyes, but Trout said not to, that this was for someone else. I think we then both immediately ignored that advice, opened our eyes, and stepped up to an altar that was before us, very brightly lit. On it was a God figure type, and we didn’t really look directly at it. All I could see were the white robes and it being incredibly tall. Next to us was another figure, robed, with a golden chain around him. The chain seemed to be rooted behind us, and the voice was talking to him or it indicating its usefullness had come to and end. There seemed to be some discontent in that other person or entity being so tied to material things (the chain?) and it was pulled back behind us by this chain and disappeared. We stepped up onto the altar or dais and began hearing some kind of contract being read.

The contract seemed to indicate that the earthly world was under the impression that we were dead, and would continue to believe so until our presence was also no longer needed. It seemed to indicate that this diversion from the natural course was some kind of alternate space, where we were no longer alive, and that once we left (sometime in the future), that alternate timespace whatever would also cease to be.

Our role almost immediately became evident. We started hearing sounds of different sorts. Some were grating (nails hammering, fingers on chalkboards, etc). In each case, Trout asked if such a noise were to be here for eternity, and it went away. The next noise was like a puppy lapping at something, or licking a face, and it was accompanied by an image of a very small child playing with a black haired puppy. It occurred to me that we were analyzing things that were innocent, and we needed to explain how, or why they were. I said something about it being important in that case that the innocence of the child was important because it hadn’t yet learned to fear the power of the dog, or that it could be dangerous. It was that fearlessness, which we eventually taint with experience, fear and knowledge that forced us to lose that sort of pure bliss. It occurred to me know why I was here, and a flashback (seemingly given to me by the god person/figure) where ZenRhino told me that I had a child mind, or was similar to Ho Tei from Japanese mythology. Our role was to show this god figure about this purity, or innocence, and why it left us (as humans) or something similar.

I remember being really happy at the image of the child and the puppy. The dream ends.